suznquiltsdq53fabricsSo, how is 2017 going for you so far?

The teacher & the student have both gone back to school.

I’ve adjusted to being another year older…

Christmas & all it’s trimmings are put away,

but I’m lucky that it still resembles Christmas in my sewing room

& I’m back at the sewing machine.

Meet Sweet Cherry Wine.


This is Blackbird’s new fabric collection by Moda,

displayed on my extra cool Christmas gift from David!!!

It’s an antique thread display case/cash wrap

from a general store circa 1880-1890, that he found on Craigslist.

I feel a bit like the Olsen’s (from Little House on the Prairie).


(and a Coral Bells by Jan Patek charcoal that I added)


In case you couldn’t guess,

it’s going to be a new little Dresden plate quilt!


These are some of the Mini Dresden petals.


More Mini petals… (powered by Diet D.P.)


and some tiny Dresden petals waiting for me to start stitching.

We’re going to Rosemary’s this weekend, yeah for us!


I’m planning to get a lot of this quilt done.

I’ve already got a good start.


I’m using my “new” cutlery tray that Chloe bought me for my birthday.

It makes assembling little Dresden petals all the more fun.

Fun meaning I’m not looking all over for stray petals!!!


 She also bought me a table made from an antique treadle machine

to put my “new” spool cabinet/cash wrap on.


For now it’s in the basement (my fulfillment center)

where I plan to use it to store my shipping supplies & brochures

 but who knows where it will end up?

Must get back to work!


Just keep sewing…


It’s my favorite time of the year;

spending time with family & friends in Jesus’ name.

My Christmas wish is that everyone gets to spend time with family & friends.


Last week I designed a nativity for fusible applique

(for Christmas 2017 patterns).

Not a little Dresden in sight!!!

Yesterday I decided to put it onto a few towels for Christmas gifts for my family.

So, I fused the design then

cut out the shapes.

This afternoon, after finishing my Christmas shopping,

I fused then stitched them onto 6 cotton towels

(1 for my mom & dad, 5 for my siblings).


Now to get them wrapped!

Christmas blessings to you & your families.

Just keep sewing…


Just one short year ago we celebrated Blake’s graduation.

(I’m getting old, it seems like yesterday…)


We had a party & invited Abe.


Of course we invited Abe,

Blake’s degree is in history & he is now teaching history at a local high school.

Fun was had by all…


There was plenty of dessert!


A chosen few even got to help him open his gifts.


I prepared & set out special signature blocks.


I didn’t know what kind of quilt I would make,

but I decided the signatures would eventually be stars.

So I cut out a nice size signature area from a piece of freezer paper

& fused it onto a 6″ x 6″ piece of muslin.

I also fused a 6″ x 6″ piece of freezer paper to the back side of the

muslin so the blocks would be easier for everyone to sign.


Eventually last summer Blake & I set to designing a quilt.

(I know, it’s the dentists’ kids who have the worst teeth…

& it’s my kids that I procrastinate making quilts for.

I’m always working on quilts for my business.)


Thanks to a chat with a friend last night I now know how to save a screen shot to a jpg so I can show you this page in my design software!

How’s that for karma?


we started with the stars that I would make

from the signature blocks gathered at his party;

calculating size options & quantity.

We then set to choosing fabrics.

A year ago when I decided on the stars I had envisioned using

these Nancy Gere Civil War era fabrics

that I bought at the Hickory Stick during my mom’s

& my last trip to Hannibal with all of my kids… 2009!

I know this because I dated the fabrics.


I was surprised, shocked & excited that Blake

was drawn to my vintage Thimbleberry fabrics!!!



Unfortunately for him, I did not have enough of his first choice in blue.

Just goes to show you really should buy the whole bolt of everything that you like 😉

Some of these fabrics are like 20 years old!

No doubt he’s my kid!


He enjoyed the designing process with me.


As I was pulling out fabrics from here, there & everywhere,

I remembered this George Washington print.

I got that at Paducah one year.


It goes perfectly with one of the background calligraphy prints

by Bonnie Sullivan from The Quilted Cottage on Main in St. Charles,

formerly Helen’s Hen House.


Again, who’s kid is this anyway that’s picking all my precious fabrics???

Then again, I’m going to enjoy sewing them.

So, finally, a year later…

I pulled out those signature blocks last night.

I removed the freezer paper backing, fused fusible web to them & cut out 48 stars.


Today I’m ready to piece the blue background fabric for the top of the quilt.

I love the buttonhole stitch, so that’s my plan for the applique.

I’m going to need a movie for this!

What are you working on?

Finishing up your Christmas sewing?

Whatever it is, I hope you have fun.

Just Keep Sewing…


How was your Thanksgiving?

I had just enough turkey, pie & black Friday shopping to be content!

Today I’m putting away fall &

carrying down boxes Christmas decorations.

It’s so nice out today.

So nice in fact, that when I took a package to our mailbox

I decided to start there with the Christmas decorating.

So far I have the greenery on our mailbox & my parents’ mailbox

(they live down the street)

and a couple of wooden lollipops outside as well.

When Clare gets home from work we will start making the house festive!

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend has been enjoyable too.

It’s about to get even more enjoyable for two of you!


It’s time for a drawing…

#20 Paula


#27 Christine Prager

You’re going to love these!

For those of you that didn’t win,

perhaps you could put one on your Christmas list???

It sounds like everyone has the perfect spot in mind for one already.

Order yours from Classic Metal Company here.

Thanks for all your comments &

Just Keep Sewing…


No matter how you’re spending your Thanksgiving Day,

I hope it is enjoyable!


I wish many blessings for you and your loved ones this holiday season.


I promised a give-away this week, remember?

A while ago I contacted Mark at Classic Metal Company to let him know how much I appreciate the nice brochure I received when we bought our barn quilt a while back.


Remember me showing how it got hung up there?


The brochure has a nice plastic surface

so I’ve used it every time I’ve glued the past 2+ years!

For those of you that know my quilting,

you know I’ve made a LOT of little Dresden plates

that each have a couple of glueing steps.

 I asked if he had more brochures that I could share with my quilting friends when I ship out my templates & patterns or teach a Dresden workshop.

It’s perfect because it protects my cutting mat each time I glue,

my applique pieces don’t stick to it as they dry

& the glue doesn’t build up on it.

Mark let me know that he has a new brochure for a new item he’s now selling along with his metal barn quilts.


Aren’t these lights cool?

You have a choice of 10 designs to light up,

and he’s working on a Dresden plate!

Along with the brochures,

he also sent me 3 of the lights along with

2 panels for each light.


They’re made in the USA!


He gave me 1 light to keep,

which I put in my sewing room below my ironing board.


It lights up each time I sit to sew.

He also gave me 2 more to give away to 2 lucky winners on my blog.

That could be you!

Just leave me a comment telling me where you would plug the little light in if you had one.

It would make a nice night-light for you

or a great gift for a quilting friend.

I’ll draw Saturday.

Good luck!

Just Keep Sewing…


I just remembered that I hadn’t posted any photos of Houston Quilt Market 2016.

Where does the time go???


My good friend Robin, Nestlings by Robin,

graciously offered to come along as my helper.

Chloe, my booth helper the past several years (& daughter)

took a new job that started October 31, so she wasn’t able to come along this time.

She is now working in the NICU.

I hope you never need her services, but if you do, you’re in good hands!

She is also working on her doctorate to be a Family Nurse Practitioner.

I’m so proud of her!


My quilt-as-you-go table runners/wall quilts were very popular.


My Tiny Dresden Seasonal Series was very popular as well.

My new favorite, Dresdens on the Square…


I love the muted colors of my booth this market.

Several Moda designers are accounted for here:

Jo Morton, 3 Sisters, Barbara Brackman & Laundry Basket to name a few.

While there, we (quickly) took in the Dear Jane exhibit.

Robin & I are contemplating making the quilt

so it was fun to browse the color combinations…



The reds are gorgeous, but I think I’d get tired of just using red.


Robin’s favorite had the black heart secondary pattern.




Leaving off the triangle border would eliminate a lot of work!

But don’t kid yourself, there are still 169 little blocks!


I really like these muted colors.


Interesting pattern in the gray triangle border fabric.



Another secondary pattern with the color placement of blocks.



It looks so different with brights!


I like the rainbow of muted colors.

It’s pretty similar to the original quilt.


Really like this one too.


And this one.


And this one…


I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I’ll start this quilt.

It’s quite a commitment!

What do you think?

Want to make one with us?

We’re still trying to figure out the time-frame.

169 blocks in the center and then another 56 on the border…

225 total blocks!

Just one per week would take 4 1/3 years.

What to do???

If I make the quilt I’ve decided it will be with civil war prints.

That’s in keeping with the original quilt.

For now though, I think I’ll

Just Keep Sewing…


What a fun week of new blocks with lots of winners!

Did you visit Quiltmaker’s blog & win anything?

If not, perhaps today is your day.

Our first winner will win a copy of the new 100 Blocks volume 14.


The lucky winner is:


Nancy D Says:

Yes I have made Dresden plates before. Love the block! And the fabric is so cute!


Our second winner (one of my blog followers)

will win my original block made with

Autumn Elegance


and the remainder of the Layer Cake.


The lucky winner is:


Patricia Cash Says:

I follow you, thanks for the tutorial.


Thanks for stopping by and thanks for all of the wonderful comments.

For those of you that have making a Dresden Plate block on your bucket list,

I hope I’ve inspired you to start soon!

Perhaps when the Thanksgiving dinner dishes are done would be a good time, huh???

Don’t forget to watch next week when I will have another give-away

with some fun Classic Metal Company items!

Until then,

Just Keep Sewing…