If you live in my area

I hope you’ll come visit us at Ladies Day Out

this Saturday at Villa Rose.


There will be lots to see & do, plus the admission is free!



I’ll be giving a demo on my little Dresden plates at noon.


You’ll be able to see my samples up close


& I’ll answer any questions you might have about these

cute little fabric wonders that have stolen my heart.


There will also be a mini quilt show.

I’m not sure if the show will be small or if the quilts will be…

If you’re like me you can use a day out

so, grab a girlfriend & come see us.


Just Keep Sewing!



I gave a program to our guild this week;

all about my Tiny & Mini Dresden plate quilts.

Love my little Dresdens!

Of course I offered my patterns & templates for sale.

I received an order for two Tiny Dresden Friend quilt kits from my friend Carol N.


Yes, she told me “I have two friends…”

Well, she’s not making a quilt for me,

so obviously she has way more than two friends!!!  Lol…

I didn’t realize I hadn’t made any of those kits actually,

so today I gathered up all of those fabrics & cut kits.


Do they look a bit Sheldon Cooper-ish?

(He has a bit of O.C.D. on Big Bang Theory in case you’re wondering.)

I like to line everything up so I can see that I’m not missing anything

& if it happens to look very organized well all the better!

Whenever I’ve had my kids helping me fold patterns or whatever, I always insist they do things so it doesn’t “look like a kindergartner did it.”  No offense kindergartners!


There, is that better?

At any rate,

I cut a few extra kits to have on hand

so if you’re needing one (or two or three…) they’re on my website.

Kits are also available for my Tiny Dresden Birthday pattern.


I have the whole monthly series in fabric kits too!


They make great little gifts either in the finished quilt form

or in pattern form for a quilting friend.

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it too…

Just keep sewing!


Another new baby is on the way

& you know what that means, right?

Time to pull this out again:


Usually I beat myself up because I think of things after the fact… a bit too late… hindsight is 20/20…

but not this time!

I’m so proud of myself for having the insight to predict this next generation of babies coming close together & me not having the time & energy to decide on a quilt much less make it.

Remember Lucy’s quilt & Hadleigh’s quilt?

I’m sure you’ve heard the story time & again too of that baby quilt someone is still trying to finish by the child’s 3rd birthday!

Well, not me, at least not yet.

Anabelle’s mom (my niece) gave me fabric colors way back in January at my birthday party

& sent me this image of the nursery items they had decided on.

Jojo-Designs-Princess-11-Piece-Baby--pTRU1-17780660dtSweet, huh?

Their furniture is dark not like all the white shown in this Babies r Us image.

I chose these fabrics:


I thought they were extra girly & had the same feel as the nursery set.

The hardest part of this quilt (& nothing is hard about it)

is centering the letters in a fun way.

AND double, triple, quadruple checking the spelling!


By the way,

I discovered the “Big Board” & I love it.

If you remember, here for instance I show you how I use layers of towels to press the whole width of quilt at once?

Well, the big board is big enough to press the whole width of quilt at once too & since I had it out anyway…

While on our retreat at Rosemary’s this year we used one. More than one of us could press at once.


I love the height & the way she incorporated storage into her base.

I need to buy some of the silicone coated fabric for mine.

It will be more durable than the muslin it came wrapped in.

It has gotten really scorched with the heavy usage the last couple of months.


We had the baby shower Saturday & I’m happy to say, Heather LOVED the quilt!


 She was too funny.

When she read the card from me she knew what was inside the package.

She had been anticipating the quilt & was very curious what I’d done with her suggested colors.

I’m was touched that it meant so much to her.

She is going to use the quilt so I gave her washing instructions.

It’s all cotton & very durable so machine washing & drying will be just fine.

I made Clare nervous Wednesday when I asked her to help me spray baste the foundation.

She couldn’t believe I hadn’t made the quilt yet!

Ha! It only takes a few hours.

Any babies in your future?

You can buy your own book here.

It comes with instructions for both the baby & lap size quilts

along with the whole alphabet which is reversed & ready to trace.

Now, we get to wait for Anabelle.

Just keep sewing!



I hope if you live in the area that you’ll come out & enjoy our quilt show.

There will be lots of vendors, food, quilt raffle, door prizes, appraisals

& of course pretty quilts to see!

Just keep sewing!



Are you familiar with diagonally piecing quilt backing fabric?

It can save fabric or allow you to use the fabric you want for backing even though it appears there might not be enough!

I first learned about this from Rosemary at one of her Thimbleberry Club meetings (back in the good old days…)

It’s actually John Flynn’s technique.

First look at John’s formula.

You’ll need to go there to calculate how much fabric to use.

All you need to know is the size you want the backing to be & the width of your backing fabric.

Once you know that, cut your fabric to that length then:

Press out the center crease with starch.


Fold fabric diagonally.


Doing this on a tile floor will help you keep the fold straight.

Next, press this fold.


You don’t want it to stray…

Then, cut on the fold.


Since I press this nice & flat, I’m confident enough to do this with my rotary cutter & slice off about 1/4″.

Now remember how big you wanted your backing to be & adjust the two halves to get that measurement.


Then pin in place.


 Keep in mind you’re working with bias edges that stretch!

Sew that seam.

I use 1/4″, John recommends 1/2″. Whatever!

Press the seam flat, as sewn, AS ALWAYS!


Then press it to one side.


John says open… You say tomato…


Don’t you dare trim those triangles off without measuring in BOTH directions!

Now trim.


It’s like magic, sort of.

Very little waste & it only used 10″ more backing fabric, not twice as much which it would have taken for two lengths of backing.


So, I’ve done this for 3 quilts this morning.

What have you been up to?

Just keep sewing!


With Blake’s graduation party on the horizon I was determined to I finish up Chloe’s graduation quilt.

Remember me showing you?


I already had a spot reserved on my quilter’s list way back last summer for sometime in December, so it worked out perfectly that I was able to finish it up in time.

I got it back from my quilter two nights before Blake’s graduation party just before Christmas & sat down to bind it soon after but I was a bit too busy to instigate a post.

I was excited to be able to show it to our guests that had signed the blocks at Chloe’s party & to give it to her by Christmas.


I really liked the way it all came together after I finally decided on a fabric theme & design.

I love the little nurse caps & the colors look great in her apartment wherever she decides to put it.

I used the EQ Printables for the image in the middle of the quilt.


These are great!

The image is so clear!

Just put the prepared fabric right into your printer like a piece of paper & print.

Next trim the image, keeping the scant 1/4” seam allowance in mind.

I then sewed it into the quilt just like every other piece of fabric.

The hardest part was figuring the sizes to cut the triangles to frame the image which wasn’t hard at all.

The quilt isn’t overly huge, so it can be hung on a wall or draped somewhere.

I’m glad to have it finished especially now that I have a new one on my to-do list!

I did the same thing for Blake’s party, but since he is a history major, his quilt will be patriotic in theme.

(I think, but time will tell…)


I have the fabrics & the signed pieces

now I just need time & inspiration to collide!

Doing anything fun?

I hope so.

Just keep sewing!


It’s another January

which mean’s another quilt retreat to Rosemary’s!


In case you don’t remember, Rosemary’s is a quilt shop in Highland, IL.

Rosemary has a retreat center that consists of sleeping quarters & a sewing room with lots of authentic restaurants within a couple blocks; Chinese, Italian & Mexican to name our favorites, but there are many more.

A great weekend spent with good friends

(at least the ones that didn’t have family obligations to tend to)

& no cooking or cleaning.


 Loraine must have been shopping during this one…


My “spot” for the weekend.


 Spending valuable time with some of my other best friends

(Moda & Roxanne)


Making new friends


only after they promised to get along with my other friends.


It may appear that I bought the same polka dot fabric twice, but Rosemary & I were a bit chatty & weren’t paying attention to her measuring; a side affect of being in good company!

It’s OK, I’m going to cut it into little pieces just to sew it back together anyway.


(short) Overnight drying time…


My field of dreams, ahhhh.


Can’t get enough.

I hope you’re getting time to work on your favorites too.

Just keep sewing!



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