I never would have thought that I could catch this,

In case you can’t tell, it’s a hummingbird on my newly re-potted hibiscus tree!  I was sitting at my kitchen table, eating yet another piece of my most favorite food in the world, Crispy Crust Pizza, and there he was.  I kept eating and he didn’t go away, so I decided to go for my camera, and was able to get three photos of him before he flew off!

And this is why we buy a new hibiscus and put it in the same spot every spring. This is also why David thought it necessary to buy this outrageously expensive beautiful pot!

By the way, I also got a bunch more done on my patriotic challenge.  I’ll show you more of that soon, but not tonight, we’re under yet another storm warning!  Tornado in the area!

Until next time,