231 thoughts on “Tomorrow…”

  1. Congratulations on such a sweet block getting in the magazine! Thanks for the giveway of a pattern also. I love ginger bliss – it would be so cute under my sister’s tree – she loves anything gingerbread! Thank you!

  2. I could not pick just one of your patterns but I will choose one of the two as my favorite today, tomorrow it will be different. LOL I love Mittens on the Line but equally love A Pretty Package. Thanks for a chance to win. I am a new follower of your blog. Love your books.

  3. Love the mittens…. and Counting the Days with Santa would be perfect fit around my house. the teenage grands love all my countdown calendars I have made over the years..

  4. New to quilting, but love to learn, so that being said, I guess I really don’t have just one favorite, as I want to learn how to make them all. Thanks so much, I have add you to my favorites blogs can’t wait to read yours.

  5. I love your block. It can be used year round. My favorite pattern is On Holy Night. It sums up the true meaning of Christmas.

  6. Your block is my favorite from today’s posters!! I also love your Ginger Bliss pattern -I am a sucker for all things gingerbread!

  7. Love the Clair’s Christmas Puppy because I’m a dog lover!!! I would round the ears and cut the tail to make it look like my French bulldog pup!! Your block is super cute!!! I’d make it in a heartbeat!! Congrats on the issue!!

  8. Cute block and congratulations for being in the magazine! I can’t wait to see it – and thank you for the opportunity!

  9. Love your patterns! Have a “few” of them. Have all of the In Season ones. Love A Christmas Sampler, Peppermint Pizzazz and Ginger Bliss.

  10. I like your A Pretty Package quilt, definitely going on my to do list. Congratulations on your new block can’t wait to get my copy on the 19th.

  11. Love your colors!! this is a great block, It would really be a good one to teach a beginner–9 patch and an applique!

  12. At such a busy time of the year, this pattern looks as though it could be made up quickly. Love it and actually, all your designs.Glad you were published.

  13. I absolutely love your In Season for Christmas pattern! I I think your mittens are darling! Thank you for this wonderful chance to win.

  14. I especially like your Pretty Package quilt. I’ve been wanting to make a quilt that would represent the line from the Golden Girls theme song (which reminds me of my dearest friend), about giving the biggest present at a party. It’s just one memory out of a million of them linked to someone I love and miss every day.

  15. Love the block that you have in the latest magazine. :) Just adorable. And I love your Christmas Package pattern. That is just way clever and I would love to make one. :)

  16. I like your Pretty Package. I can see it now in my house. Your mitten block is a winner. Something that you can display all winter long, not just at Christmas

  17. I love the Oh Christmas Tree as one would be able to use lots of fun Christmas fabrics in it, thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Love your lost mittens block! already thinking how I might design my mittens!
    Of your Christmas patterns my fav is Santa’s Pockets!

  19. My favorite Christmas fabric is usually holly or pine cone related. This would be fun to make as table runner or topper and a fun way to use up some of my stash.

  20. Love your mittens block!! I like Peppermint Pizzazz… Peppermint candies remind me of all things Christmas.. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Congratulations on having another block published! Lost Mittens is just delightful! It will be so cute to do in Christmas colors! I really like A Pretty Package quilt. This sure looks like a great quilt for Christmas! Plus, it’s really great because I love Quilt-As-You-Go quilts.

  22. You mitten block is wonderful and I love the table topper version. I’ll have to try out the “make it in an afternoon” theory! Went to your site and love the Peppermint Pizzazz pattern. It would brighten up any table or room. congratulations on winning a spot in the magazine and thank you for hostessing a give away.

  23. The “Oh, Christmas Tree” pattern is a great holiday quilt but it would look great in greens, browns, blues etc as a forest quilt for male of any age.

  24. What a great block! Just in time for cooler weather and Christmas decorating. Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

  25. I really love the Counting the days with Santa pattern! I have been searching for a Christmas count down quilting pattern and this is perfect!

  26. A pretty package is adorable for a front door quilt…then it got me thinking same pattern in baby motifs to greet baby shower guest, then there are birthdays too! Endless possibilities wit A PRETTY PACKAGE.

  27. Old Glory is my favorite pattern on your site. Pumpkins in the Patch is a close second. Congratulations on your mitten block.

  28. Santa’s Pockets is timely for me right now. I have lots of grand kids and want to make them advent calendars. I am getting ready to begin one soon.

  29. Cute winter table runner! I like your pattern of Santa’s Pockets. I have several grand kids who would love to check out his pockets! Thanks!

  30. Love your block. So many ideas flood my brain, I must go grab my sketch pad and get it all down before other ideas crowd in.

  31. There are so many fun things you can do with this block: embroidering each of your children’s names on a mitten, or adding some fun colourful yarn around each cuff! Also I really liked the Frazzled Holly Jacket Pattern #107 from your website.

  32. Lost Mittens has so many color combos. Love it. My favorite Christmas has to be A Pretty Package. I think it is so unusual. Love it. Thanks for the chance to win the patterns.

  33. I love your Clare’s Christmas Puppy pattern! It reminds me of my Scotty dogs. Congratulations on your published block!

  34. I love your block! Trying to find blocks to use up scraps. I also love your pattern “In Season For Christmas” . I want to make that for my 82 year old dad who is a pastor.

  35. Santa’s Pockets is the perfect pattern for those of us obsessed with Advent calendars, lol. My kids have refused to do more than one a year, but I hang them all up anyway:)

  36. I love Santa’s pockets is my favorite, but i do have to mention how adorable the dog, church, and mittens on the line are. What a collection of fabulous patterns. I can see Lost Mittens being used for Grandma blocks and the grandkids’ (or fur babies) names on the mittens :) Congrats on a great block to add to your collection!!!!!!

  37. I love the mittens, and that this design is good for the whole winter season, not just Christmas! I have enough stuff to put away after Christmas. ;)

  38. I love Daisy Baby Buggy – I think it’s adorable for boy or girl. My best friend has identical twin girls who are six weeks younger than my daughter. One of them is having a baby boy in February. On July 30 my daughter had a D&C to terminate an unsustainable pregnancy or the babies would be due about the same time. This baby will have to have immediate surgery to have his small intestine put back inside. And the mom is struggling with gestational diabetes. My friend and I have been friend’s since 1974, so this is very special to me, so I want to make a special quilt for the baby. So, this just may be the candidate. BTW – for some special reason I love the name of your patterns. Thanks for participating in the great giveaway. Susan

  39. Counting the Day with Santa is my favorite pattern – so cute. Congratulations on getting your block in the 100 Blocks magazine.

  40. Love the block, the mittens are adorable! This could be a table runner that is left out through the winter if done in snowflake fabrics.

  41. I love your Lost Mittens and the fact that a table runner can be made in a day. Looking at your website I found the pattern In Season For Christmas to be my favorite even though the one with the dogs was adorable also. You definitely have a talent for designing quilting blocks.

  42. this pattern is adorable! Love your website (I’m new to it) and Ginger Bliss is now on the list of “need that” … and I think Santa’s pockets is not far behind!

  43. I love your block. I’m a fan of anything with mittens. I went to your website and fell in love with all your patterns. I fell in love with “Christmas Sampler”.
    Thanks for the great giveaway. Hugs

  44. I commented yesterday, but I was having issues with my tablet and I don’t think my comment made it in. I love your mitten on the line and my other favorite is Clair’s Christmas Puppy. Both are so darn cute! I can see them both made up in my many scraps of Christmas fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.

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