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Bagging Lady

Bagging patterns and templates can be a rather monotonous job,

so I always take it to the TV.


When my body is tired but my brain has just enough power to almost function…

that’s bagging time.

Since my bags, templates and inserts are stored in the basement I need things to carry them upstairs so I’m always on the lookout for handy bags, baskets, boxes, etc. at least that’s my excuse.

I’ve ALWAYS been attracted to anything that holds other things.

…said the true junk collector!

I admit it!

Last winter I found an almost like-new fold up Woolworth basket at the Belleville Fairgrounds antique & flea market.

Remember these???


No, I didn’t buy a whole stack.

That would be silly, but so COOL!!!

(There wasn’t one. The image is from the internet.)

Just think, I could let my whole family help me if they each had a basket of their very own.

Today my vintage Woolworth basket is full of Tiny Dresden templates all bagged and ready to go!


It makes this tedious yet necessary task a bit more fun!

It’s super sturdy, so I can carry it fully loaded  back downstairs to my “fulfillment room”  a.k.a. the basement, Lol…

And it folds up to store so it takes up very little space.

Need a Tiny Dresden Template?


If so, they’re available on my website here.

If you need a vintage Woolworth basket try your local flea market.

Just keep sewing…


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