For a very long time I’ve wanted to make a quilt during the 12 days of Christmas.

Do you remember that the 12 Days of Christmas are actually the 12 days AFTER Christmas (not leading up to) that mark the time between Jesus being born & the Three Wise Men finding him?

A few days ago (amidst all my Christmas prepping…) I designed a cute little quilt & now that Jesus’ birthday has been celebrated with Christmas Eve Mass, family, gifts, food & lots & lots of fun, (not to mention, cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping…) I’m ready to sew!!!

Care to join me???

I’m making a 12″ quilt… or pillow… or maybe even both!

There will be VERY



& I will reveal them to you here,

1 day at a time.

The 12th day will be the assembly & completing of the quilt (or pillow).

Ready to start?

First, you’ll need to select some fabrics.

Fabrics the colors of Christmas are going to be my choice,


there’s no reason you can’t use any fabrics your heart desires.

(No. You may not come over & use my Thimbleberries stash!)

Let me reiterate,

it’s a 12″ quilt or pillow,

scraps that you love will do!

Hint & Spoiler alert:

There’s going to be 1, just 1,

Tiny Dresden plate, but don’t let that scare you.

For now, go collect some fabrics

& iron them with some Mary Ellen’s Best Press

then meet me back here later today.

Just Keep Sewing…