New quilt pattern

Another Fresh New Pattern, Baskets & Posies

This new pattern is made with Cider by Basic Grey

for Moda Fabrics plus I added the stripe fabric.

Some of the prints are new Grunge colors,

as part of the Cider collection.

This quilt just sings spring, don’t you think?

I showed you some of the basket work last fall while I was making this quilt.

I love the check print.

My pattern tester, Heather used the check print for her baskets and varied the flower fabric colors.

It looks fantastic! I’m a bit jealous…

There were circles to make…

Of course…

A nice pile of petals were also made.

This is such a fun quilt to make!

Baskets & Posies is now available in both paper & PDF forms

on my website by clicking here.

The pattern instructions include;

my Tiny Dresden plate tricks & techniques, of course,

freezer paper appliqué

& the piecing of the basket blocks.

This would make a great workshop for you quilting group!

Do you know that I travel to teach?

You can see my offering on my website by clicking here.

Just Keep Sewing…


New quilt pattern

Another Fresh New Pattern, Bazinga

Bazinga was such a fun quilt to make!

The color prints are from Winkipop by Jen Kingwell for Moda Fabrics.

In retrospect I probably should have named it something like “I Spy,”

or maybe “Ghost Trees.”

Can you see the (trunkless) trees from my Tiny Tree Template Set #286?

The block is similar to the 54-40 fight block,

but as you can see, there are no points to be fussy about!

Originally I designed this with Christmas fabrics.

My pattern tester, Chris,

thinks this would make a good Quilts of Valor quilt.

I agree!

I’m excited to be able to design more quilts using my

Tiny Tree Template Set like I’ve been doing with my

Tiny Dresden #216 & my Mini Dresden #186 templates.

I have a lot more designs in mind,

so if you already have my Tiny Tree Template Set you’re set,

if not, you can find it on my website by clicking here.

Bazinga can now be found in both

paper & PDF versions on my website by clicking here.

More fresh new designs to come!

Just Keep Sewing…


New quilt pattern

Fresh New Patterns For 2021!

I’m excited to show you the fresh new patterns

that I’ve been working so hard to bring to you.

I hope you enjoy seeing what I’ve been up to.

I also hope you’ll be excited to make 1 or 2 yourself.

Each one was so much fun to create!

If you remember, I showed you my favorite a couple of weeks ago,

Dredsens In The Park.

I love making little Dresden plates

more than any other quilting task these days.

Does it show???

They’re so relaxing & gratifying when

you have the right tools & know all of my tricks!

I discuss & illustrate these for you in every one of my patterns.

When you sew the rainbow it’s nice to have

a beautiful box of Sulky cotton threads to match!

I’ve included exact measurements to easily

lay them all out the same way so they match.

Yes, I like precision…

Most of the fabrics are Winkipop by Jen Kingwell.
I also added a couple other Moda fabrics

like this black dot by American Jane.

I intended to use one of these prints as an outer border, but when I laid it out,

the border was “too much” for the quilt.

Remember this pic?
It’s from back in October when I started cutting these fabrics!
This quilt has been done for quite a while.
Can you understand why it’s so exciting for me

to finally have this pattern ready to send to you???

Freezer paper along with glue &

my Apliquick Bars create perfect leaves so easily.
Practice definitely helps.

I shared with you several videos of me making & also

appliquéing these pieces back in November in my post

“Does Freezer Paper Appliqué Scare Or Excite You?”

You can watch them (again?) by clicking here.

There’s a little difference in the technique

between straight & rounded edges,

so be sure to watch each very short

video clip for the most tips.

Flying geese blocks add a bit of “zing”

around the quilt, don’t you agree?

Dresdens In The Park is now available

in both paper and PDF versions

on my website by clicking here.

Stay tuned for more fresh new patterns!

Just Keep Sewing…


Applique quilt projects, My Life, New quilt pattern

National Quilting Day 2021

Today is National Quilting Day!

What does this mean?

In my sewing room,

any day that ends in “y” is a quilting day, you?

On this “National Quilting Day”

I thought I’d give you a peak

at my very favorite of the new patterns

I’ve been working on

the past several months.

I showed you a few sneak peeks last fall when I was creating it, remember?

It’s the perfect spring quilt with these Winkipop fabrics

by Jen Kingwell for Moda.

I used freezer paper applique steps,

but you can use your favorite.

Having the right tools is key to

“Having Fun In Your Sewing Room”

which I can teach you & your friends

when you have me over for a workshop & lecture!

Dresdens In The Park is full of my favorite little Dresden plates.

Both my Tiny & Mini Dresden plate templates

are used in this pattern

& you probably already own them by now,

but no worries if you don’t

because the paper templates are included the pattern.

Easy & fun!

I put Dresdens In The Park on my website this morning.

You can purchase the PDF & start working on it today,

this National Quilting Day,

or you can pre-order the paper version

& I’ll ship it to you as soon as it’s available!

I hope you have fun in your sewing room today!

Just Keep Sewing…



My Life, Quilt Show

Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival 2021

I’m a sponsor &

I’ll have a pretty booth at the

2021 Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival!

You should plan to attend!

Registration is now open with lots of classes & lectures.

My lecture, Having Fun In Your Sewing Room,

is scheduled for Thursday evening at 5:00.

So, when your legs are tired,

you can sit & enjoy my tips for getting lots done in your sewing room.

Registration is now open.

There will be many beautiful quilts in the judged show

& lots of vendors.

This is Clare & me in our booth at their last show in 2019.

Our booth will be full of brand new quilts!

My photographer just finished shooting 25 new ones today!

Can’t wait to show you all my new patterns.

It’s such a nice show.

Very close, free parking & reasonably priced hotels right there.

If you live in the St. Louis area,

it’s less than a 4 hour drive straight down Hwy. 70 to KC.

Then it’s right off the interstate.

Overland Park Convention Center

6000 College Boulevard
Overland Park, Kansas 66211

Come see us!

Just Keep Sewing…


Valentine & heart quilts

L-O-V-E is all you need…

L-O-V-E is all you need…

and a Tiny Dresden plate doesn’t hurt!

There’s still time to make a little quilt with

a lot of love

for Valentine’s Day.

Over the weekend I made another Bitsy Hearts quilt.

This quilt fits the Ackfeld 12″ stand perfectly.

Bitsy Hearts can be found in both paper & PDF forms

on my website by clicking here.

Don’t you love it when you have the perfect way to display your little quilts?

The 12″ stands are available on my website by clicking here.


Dresden Love fits perfectly on the Ackfeld 12″ stand too.

It has a bit of fusible applique,

some half-square triangles

& just 1 Tiny Dresden plate too!

It & several other love patterns

can be found in both paper & PDF forms

on my website by clicking here.

Choose your favorites for you

& a loved one!

Share your progress with us in my FB group, Sewing With Susan:

Just Keep Sewing…


My Life

Do You Etsy?

Besides my website shop

I have an Etsy shop too.

Since it’s easier for some of our non-U.S. friends

to shop there I keep them both open.

I have less of my inventory on Etsy,

but I can add items there if you don’t see something

you’d like to purchase there.

When I get new designs ready I sometimes forget to add them there too!

If you like shopping Etsy (& I do too)

this morning I added a lot of my new patterns

& my Tiny Tree Template Set too.

I like shopping there for antique sewing paraphernalia

but I guess I should not have just told you that!

I found my somewhat new-to-me Junior Seamstress folding table there.

Do you remember seeing it in our

Another 12 Days Of Christmas quilt-along?

I thought it was adorable!

I like & have several versions of it’s larger version too…

This one fits perfectly behind our front door.

It’s ruler is actually carved into the top not printed on like most you see.

I’ve found these at flea markets after first being turned onto them by

Cathy at The Cottage at Cardiff Farms.

She had a couple

in her quilt market booth several years ago.

She has such cute stuff!

Well, if you’re inclined you might want to start checking out your local antique malls & flea markets when the weather gets nicer & the pandemic is finally over… Oh to dream!

Just Keep Sewing…



Mystery Quilt-Along

Another 12 Days of Christmas Mystery Quilt With Borders

It’s fun seeing the completed tops that everyone is posting in our FB group.

Thanks for sharing!

Today I was inclined to add borders to mine.

I liked the thin inner border some of you were adding

along with an outer border so I decided to do likewise.

Back to the scrap tote I went this morning.

Since these are scraps I was a bit limited on border options

because of the size of the scraps

but it was still a time consuming proposition.

I love being able to use my phone

to easily get perspective on the finished quilt.

I knew I wanted a multi-color print for the outer border for sure.

When I added a contrasting inner border

it made both the blocks & the outer border “pop.”

When I wasn’t totally sold on any of those options however,

I consulted my stash of vintage yardage.

I’ve been collecting pieces the past few years

when I find an awesome print at an estate sale or antique mall.

In the end I decided on 2 prints from the same tote

that I pulled all of the other prints from used in the top.

If you want to use my same dimensions,

inner border is cut 1 1/4″ & outer is cut 2 1/2″.

My design assistants, Gracie & Annie approve of my decisions.

(biased by the fact that now that it’s done gma’s taking us outside to play!)

Since it’s going to be nice later today

I’m going to take down the outside Christmas lights.

That will give them plenty of time to play.

Now that I’m finally feeling better

this weekend we’re going to celebrate Christmas with our kids

along with my birthday, our anniversary,

Clare’s graduation, David’s retirement…

Beyond excited!

I know I said it before,

but I love this quilt even more than I thought I would.

I hope I’ve enticed you a little more to finish (or start) yours.

When your top is complete please share it with us on my Facebook group here:

I hope you love your quilt as much as I love mine!

Just Keep Sewing…


Valentine & heart quilts

Valen-Time To Sew!

Over the weekend & also already this morning

I’ve been receiving orders for my valentine themed patterns.

It’s the perfect time to make a little quilt with love

just in time for Valentine’s Day.

How could anyone resist these sweet little hearts of Bitsy Pink Hearts?

More sweet little hearts, Bitsy Red Hearts

Both Bitsy Heart quilts fit perfectly on Ackfeld 12″ stands.

They’re available on my website by clicking here.

2 Hearts as One is a quick & easy

Quilt-as-you-go runner & place mat pattern

with a little bit of fusible web applique.

My personal favorite is Dresden LOVE!

Just one Tiny Dresden Plate!

Dresden Love fits perfectly on the Ackfeld 12″ stand too.

In season for Love is one of my 12-month series patterns.

Love & Dresden Kisses has a few Tiny Dresden plates,

some piecing & some fusible web applique too.

With all my Heart has a bit more piecing &

a bit of hand embroidery plus some cute Tiny Dresden plates too!

Tiny Dresden February is one part of my very popular

Tiny Dresden Seasonal Series patterns.

You can make a quilt for every month with my Tiny Dresden Seasonal Series

using my Tiny Dresden Template.

Buy just 1 Ackfeld 6″ stand & swap the quilts out each month.

They can be found by clicking here.

Many of my patterns are now available for PDF download.

Choose your favorites to make for you

& a loved one!

Just Keep Sewing…