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Happy Easter my quilting friends!

I hope you enjoy a blessed Easter today,

full of family, friends & chocolate too!

Just Keep Sewing…



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Do you need an excuse to sew a little green?

If so, here’s a tiny inspiration!

It’s just part of my Tiny Dresden Seasonal Series.

A cute little quilt (6″ x 8″) that hangs conveniently on this adorable stand.

Included in each pattern are the instructions

to make a little sleeve so the quilt will hang perfectly.

Once you have that quilt made you’ll want to make one for each month!

A unique way to decorate a little corner of your or a loved one’s abode.

You can find it all here,

including the patterns, stands, notions & fabric kits while they last.

Doing my best to inspire you!

Just keep sewing (green)…


To further answer the question of what inspires me,

Quilters like you!

I love seeing what others are sewing.

I also like to see how others interpret my patterns.

What inspires you???

Just Keep Sewing…


To further answer the question of what inspires me,


Sometimes it’s a rainbow of colors.

I love being inspired by it then decide how to use it.

Perhaps it’s just one color that I love and have to find just the right design or setting.

I need to decide what will make the fabric look its best.

These made the final cut.

Not too light, not too dark, not too yellow…

Then to make it all happen

just the way I planned it.

Often I take pics to remind me how I want it to go together.

What inspires you???

Just Keep Sewing…


Through the years I’ve had lots of inquiries about what inspires me.

I can’t be specific or answer why,

but here’s a look at my brain at work being inspired…

At an antique mall this week I found a baggie of bitsy doll shoes.

(& then a couple days later at another antique mall the antique lunch pail…)

To be more specific, doll skates!

Are these not the cutest things you’ve even seen?

I’m always on the lookout for things I’ve never seen before.

That’s my goal at any antique mall, estate sale, etc.

When I got home and looked more closely,

I found that the ballerina slippers were pretty awesome too!

The skates are now in their new home.

Not sure where the rest of the shoes are going;

maybe a jar when I find just the right one.

Who cares?

They make my heart sing!

Sometimes I’m inspired by old quilts.

Who isn’t???


These are at Country Meadows, downtown Alton, if you’re interested.

Looking in books & magazines can spark an idea…


I’m particularly intrigued with this fabric with little red squares.

And I love the scrappy colors of this heart collage.

I have so much fun visiting antique malls.

It’s like a treasure hunt every time!

Lots of eye candy under one roof,

or when I’m lucky enough to enjoy an outdoor flea market, even better, more junk!

Just about a month away from the first one of the season; can’t wait!

What inspires you???

Just Keep Sewing…


There are still 2 1/2 weeks until Valentine’s Day.

That’s plenty of time to make a special little quilt!

I have several patterns that would do the trick!

Just a single Tiny Dresden plate…

such as Love You To The Moon

or Blessings of Friends

or a few more Tiny Dresden plates,

Love & Dresden Kisses

or With All My Heart.

Gotta love hearts & Tiny Dresdens!

Perhaps a quick & easy quilt-as-you-sew?

A bit of fusible applique on top of the quickly pieced/quilted runner & placemat.

Sharing Some Sweetness is fusible applique with a bit of piecing.

Mocha Hearts has fusible applique and a bit of piecing as well.

But my favorite is Dresden Love.

1 Tiny Dresden plate & a bit of fun.

If you can’t find these at your local quilt shop,

they’re available on my website.

It’s the perfect reason to sew

 & the perfect season to sew too!

Just Keep Sewing…



Happy New To You!

I hope the new year brings you good health, prosperity

& lots of sewing time too!

Not yet this year,

but the past two days

I’ve been catching up on some very delinquent sewing of Robin’s Wreaths:

I have the applique of the 2 blocks from the November issue done.

I have the applique of the 2 blocks from the January issue done too.

My Apliquick Bars are a true blessing!

There are lots of videos online if you need to learn how to use them the way they’re intended.

Since I use them often on the circles of my Dresden plates,

I sometimes have to look at a video to remind myself

how easy it is to do a corner the proper way!

I know, it sounds dumb that I remember it’s easy,

but don’t remember how to do it the easy way!

I no longer hate, despise or abhor freezer paper applique

& I think I do a pretty nice job too!

Wondering a bit why I’m punishing myself by making a tiny version…

(I chose to not enlarge the design,

but instead using it at the scale printed in the AG magazine)

& LOVING the results.

I’d also like to thank Diet Dr. Pepper…

I hope you’re able to squeeze in some happy sewing time!

Best Wishes for 2019!

Thanks for sewing with me & supporting Suzn Quilts!

Just Keep Sewing…


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